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A-OK Bail Bonds in Longview, Texas....

Is the oldest bail bond company in Gregg County.  Started as OK Bail Bonds and The OK Systems by Donald Wayne Kolarik back in 1972, it has been continually run by the same family.  After Mr. Kolarik's passing  in 1991 the business was taken over full time by his wife Sarah Kolarik with the help of their daughter Kathryn Kolarik.  A name change was made some years later to AOK Bail Bonds.

A-OK Bail Bonds in Longview, Texas specializes in misdemeanor and felony bail bonds and provides 24 hour bail bond service. The staff of A-OK Bail Bonds strive to treat their clients as family and many of them refer to Sarah as "mom".  She and her staff  are there to help answer questions that someone not familiar with the process of bail bonds may have and are willing to help in any way they can. 



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